We opened our doors to the public on June 9th 2017, so we’re still brand new when it comes to being a business. But our methods are based on “Thinking Outside of the Box”, as we separate ourselves from our competitors by being more “diversified” while attempting to try and maintain a balance between both Traditional and Non-Traditional Kung Fu. We feel Martial Arts as a whole has become too commercialized on one side of the equation; and too Traditional on the other. We hope to try and make ourselves stand out by attempting to become that “Grey Area” if you will; for those who are interested in learning either or, all under one roof.


Shifu Angelo Alexander is a 6th generation disciple of the famous Black Belt Hall of Fame living legend Grand Master Dennis Brown; founder of the Dennis Brown Shaolin Wu Shu Academy in Washington D.C. Sifu Angelo was trained by several of Master Brown’s 1st generation disciples in: Shaolin Wu Shu, Filipino Boxing and Combat Kuntao Silat. Shifu Angelo is a new resident to Charlotte, with “The Chi Hsuan Min Kung Fu Academy” being his first school in this area. He comes with 30 years of experience teaching both adults and children’s martial arts and general fitness classes under the mentorship of his teacher Grand Master Samuel Scott; founder of “Full Circle Martial Arts Academy” in Landover Maryland. Shifu Angelo comes from a strong martial arts lineage which consist of some of the best African American Kung Fu instructors in the world. In fact, his Grand Master Dennis Brown was the very first African American to be inducted as a student at the Shaolin Temple in 1983. We are all disciples of the Great Grand Master Willy Lin, Founder of “T’ien Shan P’ia, which is one of (3) of our school’s Traditional Foundational styles which also include: Hsing-I & Pak Kwa Chang. Most recently, Shifu Angelo became the student of the late Grand Master James Robinson Founder of “Running Fist Kung Fu” and he is currently the student of Supreme Grand Master Bobby Taboada Founder of “Balintawak Arnis.”

Supreme Grand Master Willy Lin “Founder of T’ien Shan Pa’i”

Grand Master Dennis Brown “Founder of Dennis Brown Shaolin Kung Fu”

Grand Master Samuel Scott “Founder of Combat Kuntao Silat”

Grand Master James Robinson “Founder of Running Fist Kung Fu”

Supreme Grand Master Bobby Taboada “Founder of Balintawak Arnis”


  •  To use Kung Fu as a means to “bridge culture gaps”.
  • To get the public to view Kung Fu as “a healthy lifestyle”; not just something used for self defense.
  • To eliminate “Child Obesity” by getting today’s youth to become more active in physical fitness.
  • To offer a “healthier alternative” to joint pain, muscle stiffness & fatigue than prescription drugs.
  • To teach those “struggling with anxiety, stress & depression” how to relax and stay focused.
  • To instill “leadership skills in both children and adults.
  • To provide programs thatencourage children to pursue higher learning” and reward their efforts.
  • “To inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs”.